Two high-level oil executives, separated by two continents, are being drawn together by an undefined movement, as they attempt to take the future of energy into their own hands. Jon Hill is an executive security agent for a global oil company in the U.S. investigating several recent abductions linked to the oil industry. Ernesto Sandoval is a research scientist for an oil company in Venezuela, independently investigating the disappearance of his son. Both men have been conducting clandestine renewable energy research in direct conflict with their infinitely powerful industry. Unbeknown to them, each is what the other is looking for.

Jon and his wife Barb, living in suburban Pennsylvania, deal with a dark and steady drifting apart brought on by the recent death of their son. Their gifted and complex daughter Laurie is a soccer sensation. However, the loss of her younger brother and a devastating sports injury cause her to question the purpose of her pursuits. Ernesto, in Venezuela, teeters on insanity in an obsessive search for his missing son. Coupled with the political fallout surrounding Jon and Ernesto’s covert research and the collapse of their emotional foundations, both families attempt to regain balance in their everyday lives. In the background, the fate of civilization’s future energy infrastructure looms.